Threadfin Bream

by aley kurian
Threadfin Bream –

Threadfin Bream is a silvery grey fish belonging to the family ‘Polynemidae’. These fishes are found in tropical to subtropical waters throughout the world. They are excellent for eating, rich in protein and other vital nutrients required for body. Their large flakes and firm flesh make them absolutely ideal for grilling or barbecuing depending on size and variety. Threadfin Bream is low in mercury and hence a safe option for chidren to start to.


English: Threadfin Bream

Malayalam: Kilimeen

Tamil: Navara, Rani Meenu

Telugu: Chalaneera Kanti

Kannada: Madumagalu

Hindi: Rani

Recipes with Threadfin Bream:


Threadfin Bream –


Fish Curry In Malabar Style –

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