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Raagi powder preparation
Servings Prep Time
4people 20minutes
Servings Prep Time
4people 20minutes
  • Raagi powder – 150gm
  • Butter Milk
  • Salt(As reqd) –
  1. Take about 2 ltrs of water and boil.
  2. Slowly add the raagi powder to the boiling water taking care that it would not form lumps by stirring constantly with a big spoon.
  3. Keep it boiling until it forms a medium thick fluid.
  4. Add salt, stir and put off the flame.
  5. Add lemon juice and salt to butter milk.
  6. Add 200 ml of butter milk to 200 ml of thick raagi fluid and take as break fast.
  7. :- Take as much of this as possible every day. Goes down well with hot lime pickle or dry salt fish fry.
  8. * Raagi powder is available in the market.