Beef Manchurian Easy
Beef manchurian with beef burger
Servings Prep Time
5people 30minutes
Servings Prep Time
5people 30minutes
  • Beef Burger(frozen) – 4nos
  • Capsicum(cut into pieces) – 1no
  • Onion(cut into cubes) – 1no
  • Garlic pods – 4nos
  • Spring onion(A few, chopped) –
  • Corn flour(mix in 50 ml water) – 2tsp
  • Soya Sauce – 2tsp
  • Tomato sause – 1tsp
  • Veg oil 1tbsp
  • Sugar 1pinch
  • Salt(care must be taken while adding salt because soya suce, and beef burger are already salty) –
  1. Cut frozen beef burger into long strips.
  2. Shallow fry them in a tawa with 1 tbsp of oil.
  3. Remove the fried beef from oil.
  4. Saute onion, garlic and capsicum.
  5. When onion becomes tender, add tomato sauce, soya sauce and sugar and stir well.
  6. Add salt and fried beef burger.
  7. When the above mix becomes dry, add corn flour mixed with water and chopped spring onion.
  8. Cover the tawa and cook for another 2 mins.
  9. :- You can add more vegetables like carrot, cauliflower so on.
  10. :- You should fry the beef burger before it defreezes.