Bottle gourd soup is a quick, healthy and yet a delicious soup recipe made with very minimal ingredients. This is a creamy delicious soup made from bottle gourd . This is extremely simple to make. There are many health benefits in this soup, especially in weight loss. Bottle gourd also helps in easy digestion.
Servings Prep Time
2people 30minutes
Servings Prep Time
2people 30minutes
  • bottle gourd 1 small –
  • onion 1 –
  • garlic 2 flakes –
  • green chili 1 –
  • Salt to taste –
  • pepper 1/2 sp –
  • coriander leafs to garnish –
  • butter 1 sp –
  1. cut bottle gourd cubes
  2. add onions, green chili and garlic and cook it in pressure
  3. cool it and grind in a mixer.
  4. now strain it .
  5. add butter to soup and boil it once again in low flame.
  6. garnish with coriander ,pepper powder and serve hot