Chawli & Suran Curry
Quick & easy vegetarian recipe
Servings Prep Time
4people 20minutes
Servings Prep Time
4people 20minutes
For the tempering :
  1. Soak the chawli overnight. Boil in a pressure cooker for 3 whistles.
  2. Grind the grated coconut, tamarind, red chillies and salt to a fine paste.
  3. In a pan boil the yam with 1 cup water for 10 minutes.
  4. Add the boiled chawli and ground masala paste to the yam.
  5. Add water according to the consistency of the gravy / curry required.
  6. Add turmeric powder, cover and cook on a low flame till the oil separates from the masala. (Approximately 10 minutes).
  7. Roughly pound the garlic with the skin on in a mortar & pestle.
  8. Heat oil in a small pan and fry the pounded garlic till golden brown.
  9. Pour the tempering over the curry.
  10. Serve hot with rice.