Duck Biriyani
Duck with other ingredients – Duck Biriyani
Servings Prep Time
4people 1hour
Servings Prep Time
4people 1hour
  • Duck(cut into medium pieces) – 1kg
  • Biriyani rice(rinsed) – 2cups
  • Onions(finely sliced) – 2nos
  • Tomatoes(chopped) – 1no
  • Ginger(garlic paste – 1 tbsp) –
  • Green chillies(slit) – 5nos
  • Lemon – 1no
  • Garam masala 2tsp
  • Curry leaves 2springs
  • Coriander leaves(chopped) – 5springs
  • Lemon juice – 3tbsp
  • Chilly powder – 1tbsp
  • Turmeric powder 1tsp
  • Tomato paste – 1cup
  • Ghee(As reqd) –
  • Oil(As reqd) –
  • Salt(As reqd) –
  1. For preparing duck biriyani, marinate the duck with salt, turmeric powder, chilly powder and garam masala for 1/2 hour. 2)Heat oil in a deep frying pan and fry duck till it becomes brown in colour. Drain the oil well on a tissue paper.
  2. In the same deep frying pan saute onions till it becomes light brown.
  3. Add in required ghee.
  4. Add ginger-garlic paste, salt and green chillies. Saute it on low flame for 2 minutes.
  5. Then add in the tomatoes, tomato paste and curry leaves. Continue to sautT it on low flame for 2 minutes.
  6. Pour 5 cups of hot water with biryani rice and mix well.
  7. Allow it to boil and then toss in the fried duck pieces.
  8. Let it cook on low flame till the rice is cooked and the liquid is absorbed.
  9. Garnish with coriander leaves and lemon juice. Toss it slowly. Cover it with a lid and remove it from the flame.
  10. Duck biriyani is ready. Serve hot.