Egg Kothu Porotta With Left Over Mutton Gravy Video
This is an exact recipe for egg kothu porotta which you can get in small shops in tamilnadu. I have been looking for this taste for a long time and was able to get the recipe talking to chefs in tamilnadu. Check out the video below the recipe direction. Muttai Parotta as it is called in Tamil Nadu is a dish based on a the Sri Lankan version, where it originated as Kothu Roti. It is made using paratha , eggs, some meat, and a spicy curry or gravy that are tossed together in a hot cast-iron griddle with sufficient oil. Kothu means ‘minced’ in Tamil where the small strips of soft and flaky parottas are coated with a medley of spices and salna (gravy) and pounded into a mince using the edge of a flat spatula. In most restaurants it is served with raita but you can savor the dish without any accompaniment. Its a meal on its own, very filling and full of flavor. This is a super simple and tasty kothu porotta recipe made with left over mutton gravy. You can also use vegetable kuruma or chicken gravy. Kids will enjoy this kothu porotta. There are not many ingredients and time needed if you have the porotta and gravy.
Servings Prep Time
3people 10minutes
Servings Prep Time
3people 10minutes
  1. Saute onions for few minutes. No need to make it brown.
  2. Saute Tomato for few minutes. No need to cook until it is mushy.
  3. Add eggs and saute it for few minutes until it thickens.
  4. Add porotta and mix it well and saute it for few minutes.
  5. Add mutton gravy and mix well. Then try to break porotta with the spatula.
  6. Add curry leaves and mix well.
  7. Add pepper powder, mix well and keep breaking the porotta with spatula.
  8. Enjoy with raita or any gravy.
  9. Note : Replace mutton gravy with chicken curry or vegetable kuruma.
Recipe Notes

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