Garlic Cheese Pizza ( Homemade)
Garlic Cheese Pizza is perfect for a side or appetizer at an Italian themed dinner. This is an easy recipe that packs a garlic punch as well as the normal cheesy pizza goodness
Servings Prep Time
1people 30minutes
Servings Prep Time
1people 30minutes
  • Ready med Pizza Base( I used my own pizza base. i posted veg paneer pizza ) – 1
  • garlic 6flakes
  • Tomato sauce – 3tbsp
  • Salt and Pepper(as taste) –
  • Oregano 1/4tsp
  • Cheese – 1/4cup
  1. This is my pizza base
  2. Chop garlic and keep aside
  3. sprinkle salt and pepper
  4. Now add tomato ketchup and oregano
  5. Now mix well and keep aside and keep ready with pizza base
  6. Now apply sauce with pizza base and change to multi cook tawa
  7. Now sprinkle cheese and get ready to bake
  8. Now bake for 10 mins in 180degree. Now garlic cheese pizza ready