Kerala Beef Fry | Beef Ularthu, Straight from my Grandmother’s Book
  • Beef(cut into small cubes) – 1/2kg
  • Ginger(Crushed) – 1tbsp
  • garlic(Crushed) – 1tbsp
  • Chilli powder 1tbsp
  • Corriander powder – 1 1/2tbsp
  • Turmeric powder 1/2tsp
  • Pepper(Crushed) – 1tsp
  • Fennel powder – 1tsp
  • Vinegar – 2tbsp
  • Salt(to taste) –
  • Coconut flakes(Sliced) – 1/4 Cup
  • Curryleaves( leaves) – 1Sprig
  • Coconut oil 1/2 Cup
  • Button onions(Shallots/small onions) – 5nos
  • Big Onion(or use small onions) – 1nos
Garam Masala (Fry it lightly in a pan and grind them together and use 1 and half teaspoon)
To prepare beef
  1. Wash the piece and leave the meat water to strain.
  2. Put oil in a pan and fry the coconut to light brown.
  3. Add curry leaves and saute the button onions, crushed ginger and garlic and saute for few minutes to remove the raw smell.
  4. Lower the heat and add all the powders and mix well and saute for few minutes.
  5. Add the beef, vinegar and mix well until the beef is coated very well with masala. After 5 minutes transfer to pressure cooker.
  6. Add them to pressure cooker with curry leaves and cook on slow fire for 10 minutes to let the water come out and if needed add ¼ cup hot water and pressure cook till the beef is done. Usually it would be done with 2 to 3 whistles.
To fry the beef
  1. To fry the beef, heat oil in a pan and add the button onions or onions and saute.
  2. Add beef and the remaining gravy together if you want the dry type of Beef Ularthiyathu/fry. Lower the flame for about 10 to 15 minutes and fry the beef.
  3. Stir in between and add few spoons of oil if required. Stir fry. until beef becomes dark in color.
  4. Now you are all ready and serve it sprinkling few curry leaves on top and pinch of pepper too.
Recipe Notes

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