Panner Burji Idiyappam
Its my New try. This is simple and healthy recipe. It can be prepared with some added vegetables too.
Servings Prep Time
2people 20minutes
Servings Prep Time
2people 20minutes
  • Milk 500ml
  • Mixed vegetables – 1/2cup
  • Home made/ Ready made idiyappam – 1.5cup
  • Onion 1chopped
  • Pepper – 1tsp
  • Salt(As per taste) –
  • Vinegar – 1tsp
  1. In a pan boil milk and add vinegar, when it curdles turn off
  2. Pour that in cloth and squeeze water and allow to drain all excess water. Now panner is ready.
  3. In a pan add oil, onion and vegetables, saute it well
  4. Now add panner and cook well for few mins.
  5. Add salt and pepper then mix well
  6. Now add idiyappam then mix it well
  7. Now the Panner Burji idiyappam is ready to serve.