Pumpkin Pakoda Curry
It gives a nice, sweet and spicy flavor to the dish
Servings Prep Time
4people 25minutes
Servings Prep Time
4people 25minutes
  1. Take gram flour in a bowl. Add salt, asafoetida and red chilli powder. Add water just enough to make semi – solid batter.
  2. Make balls of this batter and deep fry them in a pan till they turn golden in color.
  3. Keep these pakodas aside.
  4. Mix coconut milk, salt, coriander, ginger, red chilli powder, lime juice and sugar. Blend them nicely.
  5. Mix mashed pumpkin and sweet potato.
  6. Take little oil in a non – stick pan and medium heat it. Pour the coconut sauce and add lime leaves. Keep adding water till it becomes semi-thick.
  7. Add the mixture of mashed potatoes and pumpkin and let it cook for around 10 minutes
  8. Add some more salt if required.
  9. Add the pakodas to this curry and cook for another 5 minutes.