Rose Falooda
Falooda is one dessert beverage which is our favorite. This lovable rose falooda is made in a very simple way . chia seeds are put first ,then with nuts. Then the jellys and ice creams are put to it with rose essence. And finally the the milk is added to it. And thats how falooda is made.
Servings Prep Time
1people 15minutes
Servings Prep Time
1people 15minutes
  • chia seeds 2 sp –
  • dry nuts 4 sp –
  • rice sevai 2 sp –
  • rose essence 1 sp –
  • jelly 2 sp –
  • ice creams 1 scoop –
  • chilled milk 1/2 cup –
  1. immerse chia seeds in water for 5 mins
  2. take a glass first put 2 sp of chia seeds
  3. add crushed nuts to it.
  4. add rose essence or rosafsa
  5. add rice sevai to it
  6. add jelly
  7. add ice cream to it
  8. now slowly add chilled milk again add some nuts , chia seeds and serve