Spanish Omelette – Filled Breakfast
Omelette prepared with cheese, potato and mushroom
Servings Prep Time
3people 20minutes
Servings Prep Time
3people 20minutes
  • Egg 3nos
  • Onion(chopped) – 1no
  • Potato(finely chopped) – 1no
  • Mushroom(chopped) – 1cup
  • Green/red/yellow bell pepper(chopped) – 1no
  • Shredded cheese – 1cup
  • Salt(As reqd) –
  • Pepper(As reqd) –
  • Olive oil/Butter – 2tbsp
  1. In a pan, heat oil and fry chopped potato till it becomes tender and keep aside.
  2. Fry mushroom and capsicum in the same oil and set aside.
  3. Beat egg in a bowl and add onion, salt and pepper.
  4. In the same pan add little olive oil and pour egg. Top it with fried potato, mushroom and capsicum.
  5. Sprinkle shredded cheese on top. Cover the egg with a lid and cook for 5 seconds.
  6. Serve the spanish omelette with bread/garlic bread etc.