Vallarai Kootu (brahmi Leaves)
Brahmi leaves are said to be a powerful brain tonic and these are the leaves that enhances ones memory power. These leaves contain a mild bitterness in it naturally but in this recipe we have prepared a kootu which means blended with dal that taste awesome . This vallarai kootu is very essential for growing kids . This kootu is prepared by cooking the vallarai or brahmi leafs separately and adding it up with cooked moong dal. This dal preparation taste so good with ghee and can be consumed as
Servings Prep Time
4people 25minutes
Servings Prep Time
4people 25minutes
  • brahmi leaves washed 1 cup –
  • tomato small 1 no. –
  • small onions 1/2 cup –
  • Garlic 4 – 5
  • redchilli 4 – 5
  • cumin seeds 1 sp. –
  • hing little –
  • turmeric 1/2 sp –
  • moong dal 1 cup –
  • ghee 3 – 4sp
  • mustard ,channa dal and urad dal each 1/2 sp –
  1. cook dal separately with small onions, garlic red chilli , cumin seeds ,hing and turmeric.
  2. wash and cook the brahmi leaves in water
  3. grind the cooked greens to a smooth paste
  4. add the dal to the cooked dal
  5. finally temper mustard,channa and urad dal in ghee and add to make delicious kootu