Ayala Curry


Ayala Curry is made out of Indian Mackerel fish and it is one of the most tastiest fish, popular in north as Bangda. Ayala Curry is a traditional styled authentic dish, very healthy and tasty as well. Mackerel and sardines are the most commonly available fishes in Kerala especially in the Malabar region. With these fishes a lot many lip smacking dishes are available like fish fry, meen pollichathu, stir fry and spicy curries. Fish Momos or Ada is another tasty dish you can prepare with Ayala fish. Yet another tasty fish delicacy that can be prepared with Ayala is fish Momos or Adda. Here you can discover a spicy Ayala Curry, very delicious with your noon day meals. Mackerel is a very healthy fish loaded with nutrients such as omega 3 and vitamin E. Encourage your little ones to consume the fish because i strongly believe that childhood attitudes will continue to the rest of your life. There is a Malayalam proverb, ” chuttayile sheelam chudala vare”. So try encouraging your kids to stay away from junk food that will steal their health.

Ayala Curry is Keralites favorite and unavoidable curry dish savored with boiled rice. To enjoy the traditional flavor, Ayala Curry should be cooked in nadan clay pots that brings out the best of flavors. Clay pots bring out awesome tastes and texture. I usually cook nadan Ayala Curry with lots of Gamboge or ‘Kudampuli’ and serve with hot ‘Kappa’. However i have prepared the Ayala Curry dish here with a lemon sized tamarind that tastes equally fantastic. Keralites i believe are madly in love with this kappa – meen combination. This is a signature dish of Kerala enjoyed by all classes of people, both rich and poor. Tapioca is very economical and is widely cultivated in Kerala. What makes the Ayala Curry unique and special is the coconut flavored creamy gravy. You can discover a well detailed Ayala Curry here that can be easily prepared at home.

Ayala Curry

Prep Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Cuisine Kerala
Servings 4 people




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