Crispy Noodles In Prawns Gravy


Crispy Noodles In Prawns Gravy is a popular and delectable delicacy that combines the crunchy texture of fried noodles with the rich flavorful gravy of prawns. This mouthwatering dish is a perfect fusion of tastes and textures creating an enjoyable culinary experience. The journey starts with the preparation of noodles. Noodles are cooked and drained well. It is then fried in butter until it achieves a desired level of firmness and kept aside. The noodles are then left to cool ensuring that the texture and shape is maintained. Meanwhile the prawns gravy is prepared meticulously. Fresh prawns are cleaned, de-veined and cooked to perfection along with veggies, other flavorful ingredients and sauces. The saucy prawn gravy is thickened over low flame and removed from fire. The flavorful gravy infuses the prawns ensuring that each bite is packed with deliciousness. The tantalizing fragrance fills the kitchen heightening the anticipation and eagerness for the final dish.

Now we have finished our preparation of Crispy Noodles In Prawns Gravy. The prepared gravy is poured over the fried noodles and served hot. The vibrant colors of capsicum adds depth and complexity to the gravy dish. The sauce coats the vegetables and prawns infusing them with rich flavors. The kitchen is filled with a delightful aroma drawing everybody’s attention to the stove. The fried noodles soaks up the flavors of the dish serving a canvas for the prawns to shine. The delicate fried noodles are carefully folded into the prawns gravy and vegetables. As the noodles absorb the prawns gravy, they still retain the crispiness of the outside while becoming delightfully succulent on the inside. This combination of textures creates a truly satisfying experience. The masterpiece is finally ready to be served. You can explore a well detailed Crispy Noodles In Prawns Gravy recipe here. Enjoy.



Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Course Main Dish
Cuisine Chinese
Servings 4 people



  • For preparing crispy noodles in prawns gravy, first cook noodles with required salt and water. Drain the noodles. Fry the noodles in butter in a pan.
  • Keep this aside.
  • In a wok, fry garlic, onion, capsicum and green chillies.
  • Add soya sauce, fish sauce and pepper.
  • Add vinegar and prawns. Add corn flour mixed in water and pour over the prawns. Cook and lightly thicken it.
  • Place the fried noodles in serving plate. Pour the cooked prawn gravy over the noodles and serve hot.
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