Kerala Beef Fry Restaurant Style Video


Authentic & Traditional : Kerala Beef Fry Restaurant Style

We bring you the most authentic Kerala Beef Fry Restaurant Style prepared with traditional spices and cooking techniques. This is a popular dish that showcases the unique flavors of Kerala Cuisine. In this video, you’ll discover the secrets behind creating the dish just like it’s made in Kerala’s finest restaurants.

Essential Ingredients

Discover the key ingredients required to create the authentic dish. Discuss the importance of using quality beef, traditional spices like black pepper, curry leaves, and coconut oil, which are essential for achieving that authentic taste. Delve into the flavors and techniques that make the dish a beloved part of Kerala’s culinary tradition.

Cooking Methods

Further more dive into the cooking techniques employed in restaurant-style preparation. Slow cooking and pan-frying contribute to the rich flavor and texture of Kerala Beef Fry.


Serve the dish hot with steamed rice or chapatis. This dish is perfect for lunch or dinner and is sure to impress your family and friends with its robust taste.


Thank you for joining us on this culinary journey through Kerala Beef Fry Restaurant Style. We hope you’ve gained valuable insights into preparing this iconic dish in a restaurant-style manner. Moreover, for a step-by-step visual guide, watch the video tutorial on preparing Kerala beef fry. The video will demonstrate each cooking stage, making it easier for you to replicate this authentic dish at home. Enjoy making the dish and savor the rich flavors of Kerala Cuisine!

Beef Fry Restaurant Style

Kerala Beef Fry Restaurant Style Video

We bring you the most authentic Kerala Beef Fry Restaurant Style prepared with traditional spices and cooking techniques.
Prep Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour
Course Side Dish
Cuisine Kerala
Servings 4 people


To Pressure Cook Beef:

For Garnishing:


For Cooking Beef:

  • Wash and drain the beef slices well.
    beef 1
  • Refer the ingredients for cooking beef. Take the drained beef pieces in a pressure cooker and add the ingredients one by one.
    beef 3
  • Mix the beef slices well with the masala. Add the vinegar. Pressure cook beef without adding water for around 30 minutes or until done. Time varies. Do not add extra water. Once it is fully cooked, cook further in cooker without lid to reduce the gravy until the masala is fully coated on the beef pieces. Keep the cooked beef aside.
    beef 4

For Garnishing:

  • Now refer the ingredients for garnishing. Heat coconut oil in a thick bottomed pan.
    beef 5
  • Fry the sliced shallots until it changes color.
    beef 6
  • Add crushed ginger and garlic. Saute until the raw small is gone. Keep aside the sauteed mixture once it is done.
    beef 7
  • In the same pan add 1 1/2 tbsp coconut oil and fry the beef in medium heat for around 15 minutes in low to medium flame.
    beef 8
  • Add the previously fried onion/garlic/ginger to it. Mix well and keep on frying.
    beef 9
  • Adjust salt only if required and add curry leaves. After around 15 minutes the beef color will change to black.
  • Now add pepper powder and garam masala. Mix it well and switch off.
    beef 11
  • Enjoy the Kerala Beef Fry with rice or porotta or chapathy.
    beef 12


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What part of beef is best for beef fry?

It is definitely the shank cut of the beef. Ribeye is expensive than Shank Cut, you can see more details below.

Which beef cut is best for Kerala beef fry?

In America I like the shank cut of the beef, which is muscles from the calf which has little bit fat and little crunchy. It gives a good flavor to the Kerala beef fry. Ribeye is another option, but it is expensive than shank cut.

What is the best oil to pan fry beef in?

Coconut oil is the best for frying beef, it gives unique smell and taste to the Kerala Beef Fry

Which part of beef is very tasty?

Sirloin, Ribeye, Porter house, Shank is very tasty, but for Kerala Beef Fry the best is Shank cut from the calf.

What is pothu fry in english?

Pothu is Water Buffalo, so Pothu Fry means Water Buffalo Fry. It is the best to make Kerala Beef Fry.

Is beef in Kerala cow or buffalo?

Mostly it is Water Buffalo also called as Pothu in malayalam. They also use Bull (male) for meat purpose.

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