Naadan Thakkaali (Tomato) Sauce


Naadan Thakkaali (Tomato) Sauce

Thakkali sauce is a yummy and versatile ingredient that you can add to pasta, rice, soups, and other dishes and appetizers. Making your own is a great way to preserve extra tomatoes and a great way to get a dose of vitamins and nutrients in winter when tomatoes aren't growing. These can be used while preparing Pizza, Pasta etc.
Prep Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour
Cuisine Kerala
Servings 8 people



  • Heat 1 cup of water in a pressure cooker. Clean and wash the Tomatoes and put them into the hot water, close the pressure cooker and boil the Tomatoes further for about five minutes. Then put off the stove and allow to cool the boiled Tomatoes for some time.
  • Grind the boiled Tomatoes well in a mixer and filter the grinded Tomatoes
  • Boil the syrup/juice in a cooking vessel/Cheenachatty in medium flame. After about five minutes add ¼ Tspn Salt and 100 Grams Sugar into this syrup/juice and stir it well.
  • Then add about 2 Tspns. Tamarind syrup/juice; 4 Tspns. Vinegar and about ¾ Tspns. Red Chilli powder also into this syrup/juice and stir it further and allow to boil it for about 5 minutes in medium flame. If necessary, add required quantity of Salt/Red Chilli Powder/Vinegar/Sugar etc. to make the Sauce spicy/sweet etc. When the syrup/juice starts to become thick, put off the stove and allow to cool the Sauce for some time.
  • Naadan Thakkaali (Tomato) Sauce is ready. This Sauce can serve with Cutlets/Sandwich/ Chappathi etc.
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