Toddy Shop Fish Curry | Kallu Shappu Meen Curry

Toddy Shop Fish Curry | Kallu Shappu Meen Curry

Toddy Shop Fish Curry | Kallu Shappu Meen Curry

Toddy Shop Fish Curry is a traditionally prepared fish delicacy, a bit more spicy and flavorful compared to normal fish curries. Also termed Kallu Shappu Meen Curry, this is a local favorite with the general public. The flavor and aroma of Kallu Shappu Meen Curry is very tempting and the dish looking very appealing too. The fiery redness of the curry and the oil drenched fish gravy is what makes Toddy Shop Fish Curry, a specialty dish. There is a common notion that shappu preparations are tedious. But this is not true. The toddy shop curry can be easily prepared at home with minimum ingredients. Fish is nutritious and provides vital nutrients required for body. You can explore a well detailed recipe here.
Prep Time 20 mins
Total Time 20 mins
Cuisine Kerala
Servings 4 people



  • For preparing the red color Toddy Shop Fish Curry, first soak chilly powder, coriander powder and salt in a cup.
  • Heat 3 tsp of oil in a non stick pan.
  • Add fenugreek seeds and stir till they become dark brown.
  • Add garlic and stir for 2 minutes.
  • Add onions and stir again.
  • Add chopped tomatoes and stir fry.
  • After 5-6 minutes, put the soaked paste. Reduce the flame and stir well for 5-10 minutes so that everything gets mixed well and the oil gets separated.
  • Add 3-4 cups of water, stir and boil it.
  • When it starts to boil, slip in the fish pieces along with the kukum star.
  • After 10-15 minutes, the gravy will thicken to a dark brown colour and the fish will get cooked as well.
  • :- Serve the dish after 1-2 minutes.


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Response (53)
  1. A
    Anu Thampi October 2, 2007

    This curry was tasty. As per another comment I added chopped ginger and turmeric powder too. Try to use softer fish like Tilapia or salmon instead of shark or Sword fish(i used this)
    also reduce the quantity of onions suggested in the ingredients. Shallots tasted excellent in this curry.

  2. S
    Sara Rasquinha September 1, 2008

    I am a non malayalee and was keen on trying out this recipe. It turned out fantastic. Thank you very much.

  3. B
    Bimal June 22, 2007

    Good one! great combo with hod idlis! to quote kids `yummy`

  4. L
    LIZ December 31, 2003

    This is very Good , also pls give as toddy shop beaf curry

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