Vegetables Dhalia (Broken Wheat)
This is very simple yet healthy and nutritious one pot meal / porridge made from broken wheat which is nothing but dalia in hindi. Vegetable dalia is considered to be one of the simplest, healthy and delicious one pot meal. This low in fat and cholesterol, high in iron and fibre is best food for everyone. This tempting vegetable daliya can be easily digested and can be prepared instantly.
Servings Prep Time
3people 30minutes
Servings Prep Time
3people 30minutes
  1. Soak the Dhalia (Broken Wheat) in normal water for about half-an-hour
  2. Clean and wash the Dhalia well and remove the water from it by using a Sieve
  3. Heat Ghee in a pressure cooker/Cooing Vessel. Add Cumin seeds into this hot Ghee and stir it
  4. Then add the chopped Ginger, Green Chilli and Onion also and stir it further
  5. After about two minutes, add Turmeric Powder and chopped Tomato and stir it well
  6. Then add the Chopped Cauliflower and Carrot also and stir it further
  7. When colour of this mix turns into golden/brown, add the soaked Dhalia, stir the mix again and add about eight cups of water and required quantity of Salt and cook the mix properly (generally, after 8 – 9 whistles from the pressure-cooker, the Dhalia and vegetables will get cooked).
  8. Vegetables Dhalia is ready. This delicious and healthy food can serve along with Curd/Chutney/Pickles etc.