Ari Pappadam | Rice Pappadam

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Discover the Crispiness of The Snack: Ari Pappadam | Rice Pappadam

Ari Pappadam, the delightful crispy treat, is enjoyed across various cultures. The thin, crunchy disc is a staple in many South Indian households, well appreciated for its unique texture and flavor. It is a tea time favorite relished in South India.

The Essence of Ari Pappadam

Prepare the light and airy pappadam from rice flour. Season the mixture with salt and other spices. Sun dry the pappadam to achieve the characteristic crispiness. Fry the thin circular snack and enjoy it on its own or as an accompaniment to meals.

Culinary Uses

Serve the snack as an appetizer or as a side dish alongside main courses. It pairs exceptionally well with rice dishes, curries, and chutneys. Its crunchiness adds a delightful contrast to soft and savory dishes.

Cultural Significance

The dish holds cultural significance beyond its culinary appeal. Relish the snack during festive occasions, weddings, and special occasions, symbolizing celebration and togetherness. The preparation of the snack is often a communal activity, bringing families together in the kitchen.

Nutritional Profile

Rice-based snacks like these, offer a light and gluten-free option for those with dietary restrictions. They are typically low in fat and can provide a satisfying crunch without excessive calories. Relish the snack with a cup of hot tea for your evenings.

Serving Suggestions

To enjoy the dish to its fullest, pair it with curries. Dip the snack into your favorite curry for added texture and flavor. Serve with spicy or tangy chutneys for a delightful contrast. Place a few Ari Pappadams on your rice for a crunchy twist.

Where to Find Ari Pappadam

The snack is available in specialty Indian grocery stores or online retailers. Look for authentic brands that preserve the traditional preparation methods for the best flavor and quality.

Ari Pappadam | Rice Pappadam

Ari Pappadam, also known as Rice Pappadam, is a delightful crispy treat enjoyed across various cultures.
Course Snack
Cuisine Kerala



  • Take the rice flour in a vessel.
    image 1
  • Add 15 cups water into this flour (for one glass rice flour, add about 4-5 glasses of water) and add required quantity of salt. Stir it well. Boil this mix in medium flame and stir it continuously till the mix turns into a thickened form. Add cumin seeds and stir it further. Then put off the stove and add some black pepper granules. Stir the batter further for making Pappadam little spicy.
  • Dry the batter in direct sun rays for about 8 – 10 hours depending on the heat of sun rays (for this purpose use a thick and best quality plastic sheet). Spread the plastic sheet on the floor, apply very little oil over the sheet and then spread the batter by using a small ladle in a round shape. Dry it properly as shown in the image.
    image 3
  • When the Pappadam is dried properly, take them from the direct sun rays and keep them in some normal place for some time. Ari Pappadam is ready.
    image 4
  • Whenever needed, heat oil and fry the pappadams and serve it accordingly.
    image 5


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