Chakka Puzhukku | Chakka Vevichathu

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Chakka Puzhukku | Chakka Vevichathu

Chakka Puzhukku | Chakka Vevichathu

Chakka Puzhukku is a traditional dish from Kerala prepared with raw jackfruit and with some fresh spices. Chakka Vevichathu is common puzhukku preparation using unripe jackfruit during its season. It is often served as tea time snack, but it is also served as a side dish for the rice meal. This Chakka Puzhukku with hot black tea is a heavenly combination. ‘Puzhukku’ is a traditional dish prepared by boiling tuberous vegetables like tapioca, yam, purple yam, colocasia or unripe fruits like jackfruit or banana along with coconut and other spices. This is a traditional food and absolutely delicious ,healthy food . In some preparations, legumes are also added. Raw jackfruit is an absolute carbohydrate supplement for sugar patients as it has the capacity to reduce the sugar level in Diabetic patients. Jackfruit tree's are found a lot in Kerala and in abundance. The fruit is consumed ripe and unripe.It's seeds are also using in cooking. When ripe it's very sweet and delicious. When it is served with hot rice, it is heaven. Chakka Vevichathu with Pork curry or Mutton curry is best combination. Do try this recipe for Chakka Puzhukku today at your home.
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Cuisine Kerala
Servings 3 persons



  • Crush the Coconut along with Cumin seeds, Shallots, Green Chilli, Curry leaves, Garlics and about 2 – 3 Tspns. water and keep it separately.
  • Remove the seeds and flowers (which is known as Chavini in Malayalam) of the Jackfruit flesh (chakkachula), clean and cut them into round shape pieces as shown in above picture
  • Change the Chakkachula pieces into a cooking vessel/Cheenachatti/pressure cooker, add Turmeric powder and about one cup of water and stir it well. Close the cooking vessel/Cheena chatti with a plate and cook the Chakka pieces in medium flame.
  • When the Chakkachula pieces are cooked well, remove the plate and stir it further. Then change some portion of the cooked Chakkachula from the middle portion to sides and place the crushed Coconut into that place and cover the coconut with the cooked Chakkachula again and cook it further for about five minutes in very low flame.
  • After about five minutes, add some Coconut Oil into this mix and stir it well. Chakka (Raw Jackfruit) Puzhukku is ready. This Chakka Puzhukku can serve with Black Coffee/Tea.


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