Easy Achinga Payar Thoran

RugminiKamalan R

Easy Achinga Payar Thoran

No Sadhya in Kerala is complete without Easy Achinga Payar Thoran. The delicious and excellent dish goes great as an accompaniment with hot rice. Thorans are a delicious stir fry of any edible vegetable with a mixture of coconut and essential spices. Easy Achinga Payar Thoran is unique and special with finely chopped Payar or Long Runner Beans blended with a spicy coconut mixture and stir fried. Long Runner Beans is nutritious rich in vital nutrients required for human body. You can explore a well detailed Easy Achinga Payar Thoran here that can be easily prepared at home.
Prep Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Cuisine Kerala
Servings 3 people



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