Home Made Ghee From Cream

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Making Home Made Ghee From Cream is a traditional practice with so many really great benefits. A nutty and mildly sweet flavored ghee is something quite popular in almost all Indian households. India is such a vast country with so many different cuisines, yet you will find the ingredient ghee almost everywhere – be it for frying, for roasting or anything. I can remember my parents churning out ghee from cream every weekend. It was a practice going on throughout life. Now this is the wisdom. Ghee is an amazing superfood, a power house of nutrients. And if you haven’t prepared Home Made Ghee From Cream, then it is time. Collect cream which is a by product obtained after boiling milk. Cream is stored in refrigerator for a week or so and is finally churned to process out ghee. Applying ghee on top of soft rotis tastes excellent. Also tempering of Dal Tadka with ghee tastes great.

Store bought ghee is expensive. Home Made Ghee From Cream is very cheap and very little effort is required. Ghee is a stable fat and doesn’t get damaged easily. Bacteria doesn’t grow easily and hence ghee can be stored in room temperature for longer periods. Indians have been using ghee since generations. It is quite common to observe small kids as well as elders enjoying hot rice with a spoonful of ghee. Ghee is a nutrient dense food rich in vitamin A and K2. Indian foods were made in ghee, the reason being that ghee aids digestion and also ghee acts as a mild laxative. Because of its high smoke point, ghee acts as the perfect medium for deep frying. There is no substitute to flavorful and aromatic ghee. Ghee is also a great moisturizer. Apply some ghee to your skin and watch the difference. You can explore a well detailed Home Made Ghee From Cream recipe here.

Home Made Ghee From Cream

Cuisine Kerala


  • 3 Cups Cream (Paal paada)


  • Change the Cream into a mixer jar. Add about two cups of water (preferably cold water) and start the mixer for about one minute. Put it off and again start and follow this procedure for about 3 – 4 times.
  • When Butter and water comes separate, stop this procedure and take the Butter/thick block out. Take Butter out from the mixer and change it into a Cheenachatti.
  • Heat this butter in low flame, stir it occasionally.
  • After some time the butter starts to make bubbles and will disappear automatically. Then the ghee separates from the wastage.
  • When the ghee and wastage form separately, put off the stove. Allow to cool the boiled mix for some time.
  • Filter the ghee by using a clean cloth or Sieve and store it in an air tight glass bottle/jar.
  • Home made GHEE with cream is ready. This pure ghee can be used for various purposes.
  • Mixing ghee with hot rice is a very tasty combination.


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