Kovakka Pepper Fry | Kovakka Mezhukkupuratti


Kovakka Pepper Fry is a tasty lip smacking side dish prepared with young and fresh Kovakka / Tindora pieces. Kovakka / Ivy gourd / Dondakaya grows in a vine. It resembles small cucumbers and is a very popular vegetable grown in almost all South Indian homes in India. Some recipes are so simple that it takes a lot less time to cook than write about it! This is a special kind of stir fry recipe with Kovakka. What makes the dish unique and special is the peppery flavor of the dish. Kovakka Mezhukkupuratti is an easy side dish that goes well with steamed rice. The awesome dish has a crunchy flavor and tastes very well when slow roasted in low fire. We have so many tindora based dishes but this particular dish is very flavorful and appealing. Tindora pieces should be roasted crisp and soft to a golden brown color.

While preparing Kovakka Pepper Fry, one should make sure that tindora should be fresh, tender and green in color. Better buy vegetables from known sources. This is a healthy option to prepare as a side dish for an Indian meal. Tindora is a great vegetable rich in beta carotene, fiber and other essential nutrients. In India you can discover tindora plants growing in the back yards of homes. This is a very popular sabzi that takes just a few minutes for the preparation. Tindora pieces are cooked with spices and required salt and slow roasted in low fire. Tindora is available worldwide in many countries. Each region have their own versions of cooking. The ingredients used for preparing Kovakka Mezhukkupuratti are the basic ingredients, always available in your kitchen. For kids you can reduce the peppery flavor. You can discover a well detailed recipe here that can be easily prepared home. Enjoy the dish with your family.

Kovakka Pepper Fry | Kovakka Mezhukupuratti

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Cuisine Kerala
Servings 6 People



  • Wash the Kovakka and cut into thin circles.
  • Heat some oil in a pan, and splutter the mustard seeds.Then add Curry leaves.
  • Now we have to add pepper powder and turmeric powder.
  • Add the chopped ivy gourds and required salt, Mix very well with the oil.
  • And fry them in low heat with the lid closed, while stirring occasionally.
  • Mix well and continue to sauté on a low flame till the dondakaya becomes golden, slightly crisp and is cooked well. Stir after 3 to 4 minutes.
  • Serve this Kovakka Pepper Fry | Kovakka Mezhukupuratti along with rice.


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