Mushroom Roast | Mushroom Thoran

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Mushroom Roast is a tasty and delightful dish prepared from ordinary mushrooms and a series of spicy flavorings. Regarding Mushroom Thoran the catchy thing is that there is no compromise on health and quality of mushrooms. We use fresh mushrooms for the dish. And the next attraction for the dish is the time, it takes just a few minutes for mushrooms to cook. There is no need to add water, since mushrooms are full of water. Mushrooms absorb the flavors quickly and the meaty texture makes Mushroom Roast the most sought after delicacy for vegetarians and non vegetarians as well. This is one of the popular dishes in Kerala Cuisine with traditional and authentic preparatory procedures. I love mushrooms at all seasons and i like to savor Mushroom Thoran with hot rice for noon day meals. The mildly spiced delicacy is awesome and is sure it be the star in your home. Quality food always makes a difference. Investing on quality makes you reap health in the end.

Mushroom Thoran always turns a savior recipe to me when i do not get enough time to cook an elaborate meal. I make a rush down to the store and catch hold of fresh mushroom packets. That makes my day and this is the recipe I usually turn to. Partially spicy as well as tasty, my family relishes it and the dish disappears in no time. There are a lot many stir fry dishes available in Indian Cuisine. Only basic ingredients are used for making Mushroom Roast and it hosts a visual treat. Mushrooms provide almost the same nutrition as compared to vegetables. Mushrooms are rich in many vital nutrients essential for human body. Mushrooms are rich in B Vitamins that provides energy. B Vitamins also play an important role in nervous system. You can explore a well detailed Mushroom Roast recipe here.

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Mushroom Roast | Mushroom Thoran

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Course Side Dish
Cuisine Kerala
Servings 4



  •  Clean, wash and cut (preferably vertically) the mushroom into pieces and keep these pieces separately.
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  • Clean and cut green chilli, ginger, onion (shallots also can be used), tomato and coconut (preferably vertically) into pieces.
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  • Heat oil in a cheenachatti and add onion, ginger, green chilli, curry leaves and coconut pieces into this hot oil and stir it well. When colour of the above items turns into golden brown, add red chilli powder and turmeric powder also and stir it further. 
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  • Remove water left in the mushroom pieces (by pressing them with fingers) and add them into this mix along with required quantity of salt and stir it further.
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  • Cover the vessel with a plate/lid and cook the mix without adding water in medium flame.
    image 5
  • When the ingredients are cooked well, add chicken masala powder and
    asafoetida powder also and stir it well. Again cover the cheenachatti and
    cook the mix for another 2 – 3 minutes more and then put off the stove.
    Mushroom Roast/Thoran is ready.
    Image NO.7
  • If necessary, garnish the roast with grated coconut, chopped coriander
    leaves/curry leaves. This Mushroom Roast/Thoran can be served with Poori/Chappathi/Dosa or even with cooked rice
    Image No.8
  • Enjoy the wholesome and nutritious Mushroom Roast.


You can visit this link Mushroom Roast
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