North Indian Style Mango Pickle


North Indian Style Mango Pickle is a hot, sour and spicy pickle prepared from raw mangoes. During hot summers, mangoes grow in plenty and this is the apt season for preparing and preserving pickle dishes. Indians have a culture of enjoying a dash of spicy pickles with hot rice meals. Without a pickle, the meals look bland. Each pickle has a unique taste according to the way of preparation. Today i am going to share a delicious North Indian Style Mango Pickle. What makes the pickle special is the addition of cooled down mustard oil and blending. No heating is involved while preparing the pickle. Give the pickle a try and you will be hooked down for the pickle. This is a traditional style of preparing pickles in North India. Pickle preparation differ from region to region. Spiciness can be adjusted as per requirement. There is no definite proportion. Some prefer it mild while some prefer too hot and spicy.

The most important point you have to take care of is storage. Store North Indian Style Mango Pickle in air tight containers. Well kept containers store pickles for 2-3 months. The sour taste of mangoes blending with the heat of the spices gives a lip smacking taste and flavor. It is healthier if you can reduce the salt while pickling. For those with hypertension, reduction of salt is required. Pickles have been a favorite with both the young and old alike. When you fall short of dishes, pickles make up the shortage and you can enjoy a delicious meal. Like mangoes you can prepare pickle with a lot many fruits and veggies. Raw mangoes are healthy and nutritious, rich in vital nutrients required for body. You can explore a well detailed recipe here that can be easily prepared at home. Enjoy the tasty pickle with your family.

North Indian Style Mango Pickle



  • Clean, wash and cut the mangoes into big sized pieces. Add about 3 tsp salt, about 1 tsp turmeric powder and mix it well. Keep aside for about three hours.
  • After about three hours, remove the water from the pieces. Then keep the mango pieces in direct sunlight for about three hours to dry well.
  • Roast fenugreek seeds, sweet cumin, ajwain seeds, mustard seeds separately (because the duration required for roasting properly for each item will be different) and then change them separately into a mixer grinder and make powder of each ingredient.
  • Heat about 200 gms mustard oil in a cheenachatti (so that the smell of the oil will get removed) and keep it aside for some time to cool.
  • After about half-an-hour, add the powder (made with fenugreek seeds, sweet cumin, ajwain seeds, and mustard seeds) into the mango pieces along with asafoetida powder, required quantity of salt and stir the mix well.
  • Add required quantity of mustard oil (which is kept aside after heating and cooling) and vinegar and stir it further. Keep the pickle for another 3 - 4 hours in normal temperature.
  • North Indian Style Mango Pickle is ready. Change it into an air tight glass bottle(s) and store in fridge. Serve with chappathi/parotta/poori as and when required. (If it is prepared and stored properly, it can be used upto two years). Also it will be more tasty if used after 3 -4 days of its preparation.


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