Passion Fruit Squash

Passion Fruit Squash

Passion Fruit Squash

Sweet and tangy flavored Passion Fruit Squash is a delightful drink having excellent nutritive properties. The tangy flavor of the drink is enjoyable especially for elders. Kids do not favour the drink. During height of summers, Passion Fruit Squash makes a cool comforting drink, very relaxing for your tummy. Passion fruits grow in plenty in Kerala and the creepers can be easily cultivated at home. The Squash is unique and special with the extracted passion fruit pulp blended carefully with the sugar syrup and stored in bottles. Passion fruits are nutritious, rich in Vitamin C and other vital nutrients required for body. It increases hemoglobin for human body. During summer, its great to enjoy the drink. You can discover a well detailed recipe here.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Cuisine Others
Servings 20 people



  • For preparing the delightful drink, first boil water in a vessel and add sugar into it. Boil it for 10 minutes. Don't make it too thick and syrupy. Now add a pinch of salt and juice of two lemons. Allow it to cool completely.
  • Now open the passion fruit and take the pulp and mix nicely. You can also beat with a fork to mix properly. If you do not want seeds in squash, you can strain out the seeds with a strainer. Otherwise you can leave it so for a natural elegance.
  • When sugar syrup cools, just strain it to remove any impurities and add the passion fruit pulp in it. Sugar usually has a lot many impurities and that is not good for body. Now the squash is ready.
  • Convert into a glass bottle. Use airtight bottles for storing squashes. Don't fill the bottle completely. At the time of serving, shake well and add 1/4th of the glass with Squash, add cold water and serve it.


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