Watermelon Peel Pickle

Watermelon Pickle

Watermelon Peel Pickle

Watermelon Peel Pickle is a different pickle made with outer layer or the skin of the watermelon, which is usually not consumed. If you thought the watermelon rind was just for the compost bin, think again! This old-fashioned recipe from down south takes what we usually discard when eating this summer fruit and makes it into a sweet treat. So the next time you are cubing watermelon for a salad or making it into melon balls, save the rind to make these pickles. It is delicious by itself as a winter treat or as a condiment with turnip greens or turkey and cornbread dressing. Begin preparing the pickles at least three days before you plan to serve them.
Prep Time 15 mins
Cook Time 20 mins
Total Time 35 mins
Cuisine Kerala
Servings 3 People



  • Remove the outer portion of the Peels slightly and cut them (preferably Vertically) into small, thin pieces.
    Watermelon Peel Pickle – pachakam.com
  • Heat Water and put the Peel pieces into this hot water, add some Salt and boil it for about further ten minutes. Then remove the water from the pieces and keep them aside.
    Watermelon Peel Pickle – pachakam.com
  • Heat Oil in a Cheenachatti/Frying Pan, fry the chopped Ginger, Green Chilli and Curry leaves (either separately or together) and when colour of Ginger, Green Chilli and Curry leaves turns into golden/brown, change them into a plate and keep it aside.
    Watermelon Peel Pickle – pachakam.com
  • Fry the boiled Peels in the remaining Oil and add Red Chilli powder, Turmeric powder, Asafoetida powder and stir it well.
    Watermelon Peel Pickle – pachakam.com
  • Then add the fried Ginger, Green Chilli, Garlic pieces and required quantity of Vinegar and Salt also and stir it further.
    Watermelon Peel Pickle – pachakam.com
  • Watermelon PEEL Pickle is ready . This Pickle can serve with Parotta/Chapathi/Poori/Dosa.
    Watermelon Pickle


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