Bengal Gram Dhal


Scientific Name :

Cicer Arietinum

Medicinal Value :

They can assist in lowering of cholesterol in the bloodstream

Nutrient Value :

Zinc, Folate, Protien. Low in fat. In Desi Chana fibre content which is much higher than the light coloured variety

Culinery and Other Values :

Is frequently used in Indian cooking as a thickener. It has a meaty rich flavor. Often stewed with vegetables like bitter gourd and squashes. Chana Dal with spinach and louki with chana dal are very popular dishes.

Glossary :

  • English : Bengal Gram Dhal
  • Tamil : Kadalai Paruppu
  • Malayalam : Kadala Parippu
  • Telugu : Samaga Pappu / Chanaga Pappu
  • Kannada : Kadale Bele
  • Hindi : Chana Dal
  • Bengali : Cholar Dal
  • Gujarati : Chana Ni Daal
  • Konkani : Chonya Daali / Sone
  • Marathi : Harbara Dal
  • Oriya : Buta (Chhota)
  • Punjabi : Channa Dhal
  • Kashmiri : Chola Dal

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