Beef Cutlet


Beef Cutlet serves as a great snack, an appetizer and even as an enjoyable side dish with rice. Beef Cutlet is a popular snack in Kerala Cuisine, a favorite with all meat lovers. For the aged, cutlet is a relief especially if the beef is not tender. A fried cutlet is commonly enjoyed as a snack with a dash of tomato sauce. You find Beef Cutlets sold out in eateries like hot favorites. I love Beef Cutlet at any time of the day. This deep fried patty with a stuffed meat mixture is something that my son relishes as an after school snack. There are chicken and fish stuffings too but personally saying I love beef. The real joy of savoring a Beef Cutlet starts right at the moment you fix your eyes on it. The beauty of the uniformly rolled out cutlet, the softness of the cutlet, and finally when you take a bite, the experience of the crisp outer exterior and the spongy peppery flavored meat are all experiences you should not miss.

For preparing a Beef Cutlet, ground beef is blended with mashed potatoes, spicy ingredients and rolled out into oval shaped cutlets. The cutlet is finally deep fried in hot boiling oil. There are a few vital points to consider while you are frying a plate of cutlets. Make sure that the cutlets are uniform in size and are fried at right temperature and proper duration. While frying, make sure that the pan is not over crowded. Make sure that the bread crumbs are not burnt or blackened. Also change oil for subsequent frying. Beef Cutlets are healthy and wholesome. These protein rich patties are vital for growing up kids. You can explore a well detailed Beef Cutlet here that can be easily prepared at home.



Beef Cutlet

Spicy beef cutlets
Prep Time 40 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes
Course Appetizer, Snack
Cuisine Kerala
Servings 10 people



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