Gajar Ka Halwa With Condensed Milk | Carrot Halwa With Milkmaid


Today I am going to share my favorite dessert recipe that is Gajar Ka Halwa With Condensed Milk. This is a quick and instant dessert dish that requires just a few minutes. Traditionally, grated carrots are boiled and cooked only in milk till it turns to be thick. However, in this recipe, grated carrots are cooked in milkmaid. I have not added extra sugar in this recipe. However if you desire some more sweetness you are more than welcome to add as per your preference. Gajar Ka Halwa With Condensed Milk is generally prepared during festive occasions like Diwali and Navaratri. Traditionally carrots are cooked in milk until it is thick and dense. However here condensed milk is used to hasten up the process and to thicken the sweet dessert and to fasten the process. Traditionally, it is a tedious process to boil the mixture until the milk reduces to half. This is a quick and easy Carrot Halwa With Milkmaid that requires just a few minutes.

Carrot Halwa With Milkmaid is an immensely popular sweet dish in Indian Cuisine very much relished during festive occasions. Be it wedding or any other celebration, Gajar Ka Halwa With Condensed Milk is always on the menu and never fails to impress the people. Gajar is the Hindi word for carrot and halwa is a pudding like dessert. Carrots grow in plenty during winter season and you will find the dessert quite popular in North Indian states during winter season. Most households prepare the dish and relish it. Crunchy, tasty and highly nutritious carrots are rich in fiber, beta carotene, vitamin K1, potassium and antioxidants. Carrots also aid in weight loss and helps to lower cholesterol levels. Carrots also improves eye sight and health. You can discover a well detailed Gajar Ka Halwa With Condensed Milk here that can be easily prepared at home.

Gajar Ka Halwa With Condensed Milk | Carrot Halwa With Milkmaid

Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 30 mins
Total Time 40 mins
Cuisine North Indian
Servings 4 People



  • First, peel the skin of carrots. Carrot halwa tastes great when prepared with red carrot. However, we don't get red carrot, so used normal carrots.
  • Later, grate the carrot into long threads as possible and transfer to a kadai. Add a tbsp of ghee and saute for 3 minutes. This helps carrots to cook fast and also retain their shape even after cooking.
  • Add condensed milk, half cup of milk, a pinch of salt and mix well. Note, we are adding milk just to cook carrots.
  • Add cardamom powder and get to boil. Keep stirring occasionally making sure carrots are uniformly cooked and doesn't get burnt from the bottom. Simmer for 5 minutes or till the milk is evaporated completely. Once the milk evaporates, the carrots will be almost cooked.
  • Add cashew nuts and give a good mix. Remove it from the flame.
  • Serve carrot halwa prepared from condensed milk garnished with nuts.


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