Mysore Pak Restaurant Style


Mysore Pak Restaurant Style

Just like Sree Krishna Sweets Mysore Pak - melts in the mouth
Prep Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Cuisine Karnataka
Servings 10 people



  • Melt ghee and add besan making sure no lumps are formed by mixing thoroughly. Keep it Aside.
  • Heat water in a heavy bottomed vessel and add sugar.
  • Boil nicely stirring continuously to a one string consistency.
  • :- Do not get scared by the term (one string consistency÷. Believe me you wont miss the consistency. While the syrup is fluffing up and boiling, keep taking the ladle out now and then and let the syrup drop from the ladle into a cup of water. When you are able to roll the syrup with your fingers in the cup of water, immediately check for the string by touching the syrup on the ladle with your index finger and then touching your index finger with your thumb. A string will form between the fingers. The consistency is now confirmed.
  • :-Start checking the consistency in a cup of water as soon as the sugar syrup becomes frothy. Keep the stove in sim and check every minute.
  • After the sugar syrup reaches the one string consistency immediately pour in the besan mixture gradually and mix well.
  • Meanwhile grease a plate with enough ghee and set aside.
  • As you keep stirring, the mixture will fluff up and start leaving the sides of the pan.
  • Now, remove from fire and pour the mixture on to the greased plate.
  • Sprinkle some sugar on top of the hot mixture.
  • After 5 minutes cut into pieces using a greased knife. Let it cool completely.
  • :- Do not disturb the pieces yet.
  • When the pieces are completely cool cut again on the cuts made previously and as you cut them move the pieces slightly away from their place using the knife. (this will make it easier to remove the pieces from the plate without ruining the shape) Remove into a closed container.
  • This mysore pak will melt in your mouth.
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  • Happy cooking 🙂
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Response (4)
  1. s
    shaji April 6, 2010

    Yet another perfect recipe from you sujee. I just went off trying the mysore pak when i saw ur recipe. After having tried some of your other recipes i was confident that your recipe of mysore pak will work out well. And how true, it came out just perfect….soft and melts in the mouth. You have to start a restaurant sujee. It would run really well. All the best..

  2. M
    Munni March 8, 2010

    Sujee…this is a perfect recipe. This was just like the Sree Krishna Sweets mysore pak that my brother brings from chennai. The measurements are just perfect. No one has explained “one string consistency ” so clearly before. This is a must try for anyone. This recipe has made mysore pak a simple dish to prepare. Kudos to you. The picture looks perfect and delicious and mine turned out to be exactly like this. Soft and melting in the mouth. Somthing wrong with the resolution of the picture though. Hope pachakam people fix it soon. Keep posting sujee….you are an excellent cook.

  3. a
    akila March 15, 2010

    Excellent recipe. Precise measurements. Came out just perfect. It was just like sree krishna sweets mysore pak…..expecting more sweets and dessert recipes from u sujee. keep it up.

  4. j
    joey February 14, 2011

    Hey, I made it today. Its really superb. This is the first time I did a sweet and its mysore pak. I was very happy when everyone appreciated me.

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