Shahi Parantha


Shahi Parantha

Shahi parantha/parathas
Prep Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Cuisine North Indian
Servings 4 people


For Shahi paranthas:

For making khamir:-


  • For making the khamir: 1)During winter season soak all the ingredients overnight. In summer soak these things 4-5 hours before making.
  • For making shahi parantha: 1)Mix together salt, atta, sugar and maida.
  • Add the mixture of khamir.
  • Knead them together to make a dough along with waater, if reqd. The dough should be neither too hard nor too soft. Leave it for 15-20 minutes.
  • For making parantha, make balls of equal size. Roll out four thin layers of paranthas of equal size. 5)Keep first layer upon chakla. Spread ghee and ajwain. Now keep the second layer upon this. Repeat the same method. Keep the third layer and again repeat the above method. Now keep the fourth layer and press it from all the sides. 6)Make the paranthas a little bigger by pressing with hands. 7)Heat a tava and fry the paranthas to desired crispness with a little ghee and by pressing it on tava. :- Serve hot. :- Makes around 7-8 paranthas.
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Response (5)
  1. A
    Aysha Barica June 3, 2006

    would ve been nice if d khamir part of it ws xplaind in detail… d method z also nt xplaind clearly as 2 wen n hw thngs r 2 b added n done….

  2. r
    ritu raj March 6, 2004

    i didn;t like it, she should have explained it more clealy, some of the ingredients are never mentioned how to be used and when to be used

  3. H
    Hasna December 15, 2004

    Can u explain in detail about the khamir. how to soak maida?

  4. b
    beena March 22, 2005

    i should try this.Sally,it is so nice of you to give all the recipes.thanks alot

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