Stuffed Brinjal Masala


Stuffed Brinjal Masala with a spicy and slightly tangy flavor go great with white rice and Indian flatbreads like roti or chappati. Roasted coconut mixture stuffed in the fried brinjals make it yummy. I personally love brinjals in any form. But I admit this is one of my favorite dishes. The creamy fried brinjal gravy with a dash of tamarind makes the dish exquisite. Care should be taken so that the slit brinjals do not fall apart. You will find almost similar stuffed brinjal dishes in Andhra Cuisine. But this is different and the taste and flavor is unique. I like the flavor of fried coconut and this is what makes Stuffed Brinjal Masala recipe special. Tender or young brinjals that do not have much seeds is suited for the recipe. Curry or masala gravy dishes are the staple food of most Indian households who prefer as a side with roti or chappati. Locally grown brinjals are mostly preferred for Stuffed Brinjal Masala.

The spice level of Stuffed Brinjal Masala can be decided as per individual preference. Some want it mild especially if kids are involved and there are some who want it hot and spicy. I want it in-between not too mild nor too hot. That way the roasted coconut flavors stand out. Brinjal or Eggplant is a species in the night shade family named Solanaceae. Most commonly consumed varieties are the purple ones that are fleshy and used in many cuisines. Brinjals contain high fibrous content and low calories making it a must for a healthy diet. Brinjals are also rich in vital nutrients and minerals needed for human body. For vegetarians, the meaty texture of brinjals makes a good substitute for meat. You can explore a well detailed Stuffed Brinjal Masala here that can be easily prepared at home.


Stuffed Brinjal Masala

Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Cuisine North Indian
Servings 2 people




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