Cardamom Powder | Elaichi Powder


Cardamom Powder is a spice that is worth savoring. The exotic aroma and richness of the cardamom pod is something that beats all rivals. Renowned for the enchanting flavor and fragrance, the cardamom pod has been treasured since ages and used in various culinary preparations all over the world. Cardamom or Elaichi belongs to the ginger family and is native to the lush forests of India and Sri Lanka. The origins of cardamom is steeped in history and you will discover its presence in ancient medicines, religious traditions and rituals, and in culinary preparations. There are two varieties of cardamom: green cardamom and black cardamom. Green cardamom is the commonly available variety that is characterized by the vibrant greenish color. These are small in size and very fragrant, commonly used in beverages, desserts, rice dishes and curries. In savory and sweet dishes, it imparts a floral, sweet and slight spicy flavor. Black cardamom on the other hand is robust and has a smoky flavor, used in dishes like stews, meats etc.

Elaichi Powder is prepared by dry roasting fresh cardamom pods and then grinding with specified quantity of sugar. You can store the mixture for culinary preparations like desserts etc. The process of preparing Elaichi Powder is relatively simple and allows you to preserve the cardamom’s integrity. Select high quality cardamom pods that look firm and plump. It is best to select pods without damage. Black seeds of cardamom are enclosed inside the outer covering. In this recipe for preparing Cardamom Powder you are using the full pod. Grind along with specified quantity of sugar to a fine powder. Transfer the freshly ground Elaichi Powder into an airtight container preferably glass container, for future use. Keep the Cardamom Powder in a safe place protecting from moisture. The spice powder will be kept intact. You can explore a well detailed Cardamom Powder recipe here.

Cardamom Powder | Elaichi Powder

Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Course Masala powder
Cuisine Indian



  • To a tawa add green cardamom and dry roast in low flame. When the outer cover has golden spots here and there, stop roasting. Switch off. This process takes at least 5 mins in low flame.
  • Cool down completely and then transfer to a mixer jar.
  • Add sugar and grind into a fine powder.
  • Cool down by spreading in a plate and then store Cardamom Powder in a clean dry container.


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