Ceylon Parotta | Veechu Parotta


Ceylon Parotta is a tasty and crispy parotta having its origin from Sri Lanka. This Veechu Parotta can be done in many varieties like plain, stuffed with egg, chicken, and mutton. Now we are going to see the preparation of basic plain Ceylon Parotta, which is also usually called as Veechu parotta. Here for doing this parotta, we need to prepare a soft dough with all-purpose flour or maida. It is necessary to give 4 hours resting time which helps in getting softer and flexible dough for expanding that thin layer of Veechu. This parotta goes well with chicken gravy or plain Salna which we regularly prepare for parotta. Do try this dish at your home for lunch and enjoy with your family.

Here you go with the detailed recipe. As the name goes, Ceylon Parotta is a delicious flatbread from Srilanka typically served with a yummy dish. In Srilanka it was meant for any meal of the day unlike India where it is served usually for dinner time. While I was in Chennai, this was my favorite dinner time dish which i used to savor with a plate of spicy beef curry. Veechu Parotta is made from all purpose flour or maida but you can make a substitution of wheat flour for a healthier version. Dough is kneaded to a very sticky and soft texture which is then rolled out and pressed with your hands to form a thin dough that is then folded to create pockets. These rotis are nutritious and you can explore a well detailed recipe here. These flattened rotis are then cooked on a hot griddle in low to medium flame. These are melt in the mouth rotis and that makes it unique and special. These are nutritious foods that make you smile.


Ceylon Parotta | Veechu Parotta

Prep Time 2 hours
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 2 hours 10 minutes



  • Take a bowl and add flour.
  • Now add sugar and salt mix roughly.
  • Now add egg and oil and mix well.
  • Now add water little by little and knead well.
  • Apply oil and rest for two hours. Again knead for 5 more minutes and rest for 2 hours.
  • Now divide this dough into equal portions and rest for one hour.
  • Take one portion and roll into a thin sheet. Refer image.
  • Now apply oil and fold both sides of the sheet. Refer image.
  • Now heat a tawa and place this Veechu folding.
  • Cook both sides and leave some oil to get crispy.
  • Now its ready to serve Ceylon Parotta.


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