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Gongura Pappu

Gongura Pappu makes a great and comforting dish in Andhra Cuisine that blends well with plain rice and rotis. Sorrel leaves are termed Gongura in Telugu. Combined with cooked tuvar dal and other spicy ingredients, the tangy flavored Gongura Pappu is unique in aroma and flavor. Soorel leaves are rich in iron and vital nutrients essential for human body. These leaves increase immunity against various diseases, hence Gongura Pappu dish is a much sought after dish. You can discover a step wise illustration of healthy Gongura Pappu dish here.
Prep Time 20 mins
Total Time 20 mins
Cuisine Andhra
Servings 4 people


For seasoning:


  • Cut gongura leaves from the stem and wash them.
  • Drain off the excess water.
  • Then, chop them finely and keep them aside.
  • Wash the dal and put it in a pressure cooker along with turmeric powder and garlic cloves. Cook up to 3 whistles.
  • Then add chopped gongura to it and cook in medium flame until done. Once the leaves become soft, remove from fire.
  • Heat oil in a pan and put all the ingredients for seasoning. Fry them for a few seconds.
  • Add cooked dal with gongura leaves into it along with salt and tamarind juice. Keep in low flame and remove dish from fire when boiling starts.
  • Healthy Gongura Pappu dish is ready.
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Response (3)
  1. s
    savitha June 30, 2005

    Gongura doesn`t get cooked in 5 min, and Curry leaves are not added at last. It should be fried with others. No tamarind is needed.

  2. D
    Deepak August 5, 2005

    I make almost similar gongoora pappu ocassionally. gongoora leaves need not be chopped( we never do that in andhra anyways). also as someone else mentioned, adding tamarind to gongoora pappu makes it even more tangy and spoils the taste. for Thotakoora Pappu (spinach – dal) adding tamarind works fine..but not for gongoora pappu.

  3. N
    N T RAMA RAO January 6, 2005


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