Kappa Vevichathu


Kappa Vevichathu and red spicy fish curry is another famous combo dish from God’s Own Country. I have no words to describe this delicious dish. Tapioca is grown in plenty in Kerala and hence the dish is economical. Tapioca is the food of the common man in Kerala. Poor people who cannot afford to buy rice, can buy tapioca. Boiled tapioca also serves well with spicy chilly chutney as a side dish. Now times have changed and you will find the dish in top rated star hotels. Most of the hotels and restaurants, especially toddy shops in Kerala serve Kappa Vevichathu and meen curry. This is a very tasty favorite of the majority of people residing in Kerala. For preparing the dish, first the skin of fresh tapioca is peeled off and cut into chunks. The size of tapioca chunks is dependent on personal likes. These chunks are mashed partially and well blended with the spicy coconut mixture.

Tapioca contains no cholesterol or fat and hence is a healthy option for those following a strict diet with low fat intake. Tapioca is also low in sodium. Tapioca is basically starch extracted from cassava root and is rich in carbs. However for those with diabetics it is better to stay away from tapioca products since it is rich in carbohydrates. Seasoning with coconut oil and curry leaves increases the aroma of the dish making it delicious and lip smacking. Instead of fish curry dishes you can also serve cooked tapioca with spicy beef curry dishes. Youngsters opt for beef curry dish with tapioca. For Malayalees this is the most popular and favorite dish that leaves them nostalgic once they leave the state. I personally opt for hot and spicy beef dishes with tapioca. You can explore a well detailed recipe that can be easily prepared at home. Enjoy the dish.

Kappa Vevichathu

Prep Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Cuisine Kerala
Servings 4 people




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