Kerala Coconut Chutney


Kerala Coconut Chutney, bright and red colored from red hot chillies, makes a great accompaniment with breakfast foods like idli, dosa and uttapam. Coconut Chutney originated in the coastal areas of South India where coconuts grow in plenty. You are going to love this delectable and versatile condiment served with crispy dosas and soft idlis. The fried red hot chilies add to the smoky heated flavor of Kerala Coconut Chutney. You can add your chilly flavor as per preference, some want it mild, some love it hot and spicy. It’s the smokiness and tanginess of tamarind that makes Kerala Coconut Chutney unique and special, a favorite side dish in every South Indian household. The tangy flavor of tamarind tones the hotness making the chutney light and sour. The naturally colored and ginger flavored chutney makes the best side dish with a lot many tea time snacks too like pakoras. The spicy delectable Chutney is filled with a tempting aroma of grated coconut and curry leaves.

Kerala Coconut Chutney is very useful for working mothers and bachelors who are always short of time. This is one of the simplest of dishes in South Indian Cuisine that you can relish. Always use freshly grated coconut for the dish that makes the dish awesome and bursting with flavors. There are so many variations of Kerala Coconut Chutney in different regions and this is one of the tastiest and most easiest one that I have perfected over the years. This is a healthy dish using naturally available ingredients. Ginger aids digestion and increases immunity for your body. You can explore a meaningful, very simple and well illustrated Kerala Coconut Chutney here that can be easily prepared at home. The simple dish is going to impress your kids and entire family. Enjoy the dish.


Kerala Coconut Chutney

Kerala Coconut Chutney

Prep Time 15 mins
Total Time 15 mins
Cuisine Kerala
Servings 4 people



  • For preparing the chutney dish, take a kadai and keep on the stove. Heat up the kadai.
  • When it is hot, add little oil and fry the chillies until a nice fried smell comes. Chilly should not become black and smoky.
  • Grind the grated coconut with fried chilly, onion, ginger, curryleaves, salt and tamarind into a paste. While grinding coconut keep note that coconut should not be too cold. If taken from fridge, it should be brought to room temperature.
  • Pour little water to grind it well. Water should be added to bare minimum, otherwise the dish will become watery.
  • Take chutney out from the mixi and use with rice, idly or dosai. This is one of the easiest of side dishes that goes well with many dishes.


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    Remya Nambiar February 24, 2020

    Thanks shyamal, superb with idli. Thorougly enjoyed the red coconut chutney.

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