Pallada is a very common snack in Malabar region. We are living in a world where snacks have lost its charm and has become mundane. Pallada snacks are a variety dish that has emerged as a beacon of excitement and flavor. With its captivative and innovative blend of taste and quality, Pallada snack has revolutionized and remodeled our snacking experience taking you out on a culinary journey. The flavor filled Pallada is my mom’s favorite tea-time snack. The crispy outer cover with a rich and sweet coconut filling is extraordinary. In Malabar regions, Pallada snacks are offered to babies as a ritual, when their first teeth appears. They are considered so sacred. Pallada serves as apt tea time snacks with a cup of hot tea. There is also a saying that these delectable Pallada treats depict the essence and spirit of ‘Pallada’, the goddess of inspiration and wisdom, symbolizing the unique and special blend of ingredients.

Each bite of the delectable Pallada is enough to embark on a journey of culinary satisfaction. These snacks not only serves as a means to satisfy hunger but they are also an experience engaging all the senses of man. The shapes and sizes are visually captivating and the tantalizing flavors and aroma that keep wafting through the air is something that you should experience. This is a belief that these snacks are crafted with meticulous planning and detail taking the inspiration from the goddess. Pallada snacks are not merely a means to satisfy hunger; they are an experience that engages all the senses. From their visually captivating appearances to the tantalizing aromas that waft through the air, these snacks are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, taking inspiration from the goddess herself. They awake the palate and evoke a sign of delight. You can explore a well detailed Pallada recipe here.



Prep Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Course Snack
Cuisine Kerala
Servings 6 people



  • Boil 1/2 cup water in a vessel and add all the specified sugar in it. Stir till the sugar is melted.
  • Add grated coconut, cardamom powder, cashew nuts, raisins and cook for 5 minutes in low flame.
  • In a large bowl add all purpose flour and salt. Gradually add water and mix well until you get a smoot chappati like dough. Divide the dough into small balls. Flatten them into discs.
  • Spoon a tablespoon of filling on half of the disc and fold the other side. Press down the sides with fingers and seal it. You can take a fork and press the edges with that teeth of fork which gives you a fine texture.
  • Deep fry the Pallada in hot oil until light brown in colour.
  • Hot and crunchy Pallada is ready now.


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