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Pottu Vellari Juice is a quick and refreshing summer drink that requires just a few minutes for preparation. Enjoy this super refreshing and delicious drink in the height of summer. Pottu Vellari gives an instant energy booster drink with a mild sweetness combined a distinctive uniqueness. It is the instant cooling effect that makes Kakkiri Juice special. Snap melon or blonde cucumbers are a gift by Mother Nature for summers. Blonde cucumber snaps open on their own when ripe. These are natural foods that is healthy for our body. But these fruits are becoming almost extinct. However in remote areas of Kerala it is still available. I never had an idea of Pottu Vellari Juice until I tasted it at my uncle’s house. I loved the simple drink and this is how I came in touch with this super drink. My kids and family loved the drink instantaneously.

Very humble and simple you will wonder how this drink works wonders in your body. You are not only refreshed you are filled with a rich boost of energy too. Vellari Juice when consumed daily improves your skin, hair and even nails. Enriched with fiber, magnesium and pottasium, Pottu Vellari Juice is also known to regulate blood pressure. Diseased gums get a therapeutic healing and your mouth will get good smelling effect. Cucumbers have of long been used topically to reduce puffiness of the eyes and to alleviate irritations of skin. But very few people are aware of the real facts of this wonder veggie. Try out this tasty and simple recipe at home. While preparing Pottu Vellari Juice, there is no need to add too much water since the vegetable itself is 90% water. You can explore a well detailed Pottu Vellari Juice here that can be easily prepared at home.

Pottu Vellari Juice | Kakkiri Juice – pachakam.com

Pottu Vellari Juice | Kakkiri Juice

Prep Time 10 mins
Course Drinks
Cuisine Kerala


  • 1 whole Pottu vellari
  • Sugar as needed
  • water as needed


  • Wash and peel the skin of cucumber
    Pottu Vellari Juice | Kakkiri Juice – pachakam.com
  • Now mash the cucumber along with or without its seeds,(Here i have removed the seeds)
    Pottu Vellari Juice | Kakkiri Juice – pachakam.com
  • Now add sugar, chilled water and mix it well.
    Pottu Vellari Juice | Kakkiri Juice – pachakam.com
  • Pour into a glass.Serve chilled!!Enjoy
    Pottu Vellari Juice | Kakkiri Juice – pachakam.com


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