Broken Wheat Kheer | Wheat Rava Payasam


Broken Wheat Kheer is a very healthy and tasty kheer prepared with wheat, jaggery and coconut milk. Wheat Rava Payasam is commonly seen during festive occasions. It can also be judged a simple payasam, a pleasant breeze that is comforting and cool for your body. This delicious payasam requires very little time and fewer ingredients. Broken Wheat Kheer comes in handy when unexpected guests arrive without prior notice. Cracked wheat goes by the the name daliya in hindi, gothumai rava in tamil, godhuma rava in telugu and gothambu rava in malayalam. For sweetness we add jaggery and it depends upon individual preferences. Some want it too sweet while some prefer it mild, especially if elders are involved. For vegans, there is good news we are using only coconut milk. While preparing Wheat Rava Payasam, make sure that the kheer is not thick and dense but of a flowing consistency. For watery consistency you can add more coconut milk.

Broken Wheat Kheer does not have much self life, so keep it refrigerated if you are keeping it for the next day. Several versions are available for preparing the payasam, but this version seems the most simplest one. Broken wheat is rich in fibre and other nutrients compared to rice. Broken wheat is a healthy choice for diet watchers since it is low in fat and has high fibre content. For people with diabetics, Wheat Rava Payasam is a healthy choice provided they cut down on jaggery. Payasam is a mandatory dish in almost all festive occasions. Kids love the healthy payasam and it makes a good choice for their evenings. Working mothers and bachelors find the dish quite useful that can be easily prepared at home. You can discover a well detailed recipe here. Enjoy the healthy and wholesome Wheat Rava Payasam dish with your family.

Samba Rava Payasam-Broken Wheat Kheer

Prep Time 20 mins
Total Time 20 mins
Cuisine Tamil
Servings 3 people




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