Idiyappam | Nool Puttu

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Idiyappam is an easy to prepare super delicious South Indian breakfast recipe. Made with rice flour as the basic ingredient this is the apt vehicle to mop up delicious curries like chana masala, egg roast and mutton stew. Idiyappam is termed a classic and fulfilling breakfast dish that you will enjoy. It is also termed an instant comfort food that can be prepared within minutes. Only steaming is required and that requires just a few minutes. The dish comes in handy when time has run out and still you want to prepare something unique and special for your loved ones. You can easily win the appreciation of all. Only thing required is a delicious curry dish in store. When no curry dishes are available in store, you can also settle in for sweetened coconut milk for breakfast.

Nool Puttu requires the barest minimum of ingredients that is healthy for your body and this is a steamed dish. Steamed foods are very healthy for all especially the diet conscious. We are living in an age wherein all are food conscious avoiding fatty foods and Nool Puttu is such a dish that serves the purpose of keeping fit and trendy. I clearly remember my childhood days, Idiyappam was my favorite dish. My mom used to serve me Nool Puttu with sweetened jaggery syrup or honey. I become nostalgic when i think of those years. Mom used to feed me with my delicious favorite. Now years have gone by, still Idiyappam is my most favorite dish. However i have replaced jaggery with a spicy flavorful dish. Luckily my hubby and kids too love the dish. This is a nutritious dish rich in vital nutrients required for your body. You can explore a well detailed recipe here that can be easily prepared at home. Enjoy the dish.

Idiyappam(Nool Puttu)

Prep Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Cuisine Kerala
Servings 5 people



  • For preparing idiyappam/nool puttu, first fry the rice powder till it turns into golden colour. Once done, set it aside to cool.
  • Scrape coconut and keep aside.
  • Thereafter, mix the rice powder with required quantity of salt and warm water. Make a thick paste like dough with it and keep it separate.
  • Apply some oil (coconut oil or any refined oil) with a clean cloth or cotton in the compartments of the idly maker. The dough needs to be put into the murukku maker and pressed out as rice noodles into the compartments of idly maker.
  • Fill half of the rice noodle into these compartments using the jalebi/murukku maker as shown in the picture below.
  • Then put some grated coconut on top of each mix in the compartments as shown below(if needed, some sugar can also be added along with the coconut to make sweet puttu). After adding the coconut, add some more rice noodle on top using the jalebi/murukku maker so that the coconut gets sandwiched between two layers of rice mix. Please note that thinner the thickness of the rice threads, the softer the idiyappam will be.
  • Cook the idiyappam in the idly maker/vessel for about 10 minutes and when it is cooked well, put off the stove and transfer the idiyappam to another vessel/hot case.
  • Idiyappam/nool puttu can be served with any side dish like moong dal curry, vegetable kurma or egg curry. This is a very good nutritional and digestive breakfast/dinner dish for adults and children as well.


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