Kappa Vevichathu | Kappa Puzhukku | Mashed Tapioca



Unveiling Culinary Excellence Of Kappa Vevichathu

A Journey into Kerala’s Gastronomic Delights

Prepare to embark on a gastronomic journey into the heart of Kerala’s culinary heritage with the exquisite Kappa Vevichathu. This is a traditional styled dish that showcases the timeless allure of mashed tapioca. Also known as Kappa Puzhukku, this culinary masterpiece goes beyond being a dish. It’s a celebration of flavors, culture, and the culinary artistry of God’s Own Country.

Enchanting Blend Of Sophistication

The dish has its roots deeply embedded in Kerala’s culinary traditions, presents an enchanting blend of simplicity and sophistication. At the core of this dish lies tapioca, a versatile and widely cherished ingredient that is transformed into a delectable delight through meticulous preparation.

Selecting The Right Ingredient

Our commitment to authenticity begins with sourcing the finest tapioca from local farms. Ensure that every serving of Kappa Puzhukku encapsulates the pure, earthy flavors of this staple. The art of selecting the right tapioca, combined with expert culinary craftsmanship, elevates this dish to a culinary experience like no other.

Symphony Of Spices

The preparation of the dish is an art form, with our skilled chefs masterfully infusing the mashed tapioca with an array of spices that reflect the rich cultural tapestry of Kerala.

Uniqueness Of The Dish

The uniqueness of Mashed Tapioca lies in the meticulous attention to detail throughout the cooking process. The tapioca is not merely mashed, it is transformed into a velvety, flavorful delight that pays homage to the time-honored culinary practices of Kerala. Each bite is a testament to the dedication to preserving the authenticity of this beloved dish.

Sensory Appeal

Whether you’re a seasoned lover of Kerala cuisine or a newcomer to its culinary wonders, the dish invites you to partake in a sensory journey. Immerse yourself in the rustic charm of mashed tapioca, where every mouthful tells a tale of tradition, flavor and the unmistakable warmth of Kerala hospitality.


In the world of culinary exploration, the tapioca dish stands as a testament to the rich, diverse tapestry of Kerala’s gastronomic delights. Join us in savoring the simplicity and complexity of this traditional dish, where each bite is a step into the heart of Kerala’s culinary heritage.

kappa puzhukku

Kappa Vevichathu | Kappa Puzhukku | Mashed Tapioca

Prepare to embark on a gastronomic journey into the heart of Kerala's culinary heritage with Kappa Vevichathu, a traditional dish that showcases the timeless allure of mashed tapioca.
Prep Time 25 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Course Main Dish
Cuisine Kerala
Servings 3 people




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Response (7)
  1. M
    Manisha September 16, 2007

    2-3 Shallots along with the ingredients to be ground is a good addition. Along with the mustard and coconut oil as mentioned above.

  2. p
    pinky September 18, 2007

    really yummy…i liked it…

  3. R
    Revathy June 12, 2007

    exactly……..it came out fab!!!!!! the original kerala kappa.Thanks for this recipe..

  4. g
    greeshma binu May 23, 2009

    fantastic ! thanks for your great recipe

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