Poori Bhaji Masala


Poori Bhaji Masala is a popular South Indian curried dish of mashed potatoes that goes well with Poori or Indian fried bread. Also termed ‘poori curry’, the tasty dish is a wonderful blend of mashed potatoes, onions, herbs and spices. Though prepared with the least number of spices, Poori Bhaji Masala tastes very delicious. You will end up licking your fingers even after exhausting the dish. This is the best combination for pooris. Pooris are my favorite snack and whenever I enter any Indian restaurant this is my number one dish. My kid follows close behind me in this matter. Poori is a staple breakfast dish enjoyed all over India. South Indian Poori Bhaji Masala or poori curry has a lot many variations region wise. You will find Maharashtrian Puri Bhaji, Karnataka Potato Sago, North Indian Aloo Sabzi, all are variations of potato curry served with Poori. All these dishes taste different but Poori Bhaji Masala served in South India, tastes the best in my opinion.

There is no age bar, you find both the young as well as the aged enjoying pooris. I prepare pooris during weekends when my family is together. My family looks forward for Sunday as our special day when the fried smell of pooris invade the rooms. Now I have mastered the art of Poori Bhaji Masala served in hotels and restaurants. This simple dish is easy to prepare. But one important point you have to keep in mind, serve pooris hot with Poori Bhaji Masala. Pooris become soggy when kept for long. Poori Bhaji Masala is similar to potato masala prepared for dosa, but differs in flavor and texture as tomato is added here. Also, Poori Bhaji Masala is more of a gravy like consistency. This is a wholesome and filling dish. You can discover the recipe detail here.


Poori Bhaji Masala

Prep Time 30 mins
Total Time 30 mins
Cuisine Kerala
Servings 4 people




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