Rava Poori | Semolina Poori


Rava Poori is a poori recipe made using semolina/rava/sooji as the main ingredient. Any kind of curry goes well with this poori. If you are bored of having the normal Poori, you can try these. This is easy and quick to prepare. Trust me these are so tasty. The basic poori recipe is prepared with wheat flour, water and salt. The dough is not leavened or fermented. But here in this recipe, I have opted the combination of rava and maida and it came out fantastic. Rava poori is much easier to prepare and rava makes it crispier. While making dough for Semolina Poori, be very careful adding milk or water since rava absorbs much moisture. Knead into a loose and soft dough. Pinch out small balls from the dough and roll out evenly to a disc that is later deep fried in hot boiling oil. While frying, well made pooris puff up nicely and this is the benchmark of a perfect poori. The puffing of pooris gives it a soft texture.

Rava Poori is perfect for a Sunday brunch when your family is around. Trust me, these pooris are so yummy and you just can’t stop eating. Another specialty is that these pooris do not soak up much oil. Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, I usually try to make it healthy and really fascinating especially for my kids. So I prepare these variety pooris at home. Kids as well as elders relish the pooris. These are perfect for tiffin boxes as well. The perfect side dish for Semolina Poori is Aloo ka sabji. You can also enjoy the poori with Yogurt/curd dip. You can explore a well detailed Rava Poori is here that can be easily prepared at home. Enjoy the dish with your family and loved ones.

Rava Poori | Semolina Poori – pachakam.com

Rava Poori | Semolina Poori

Prep Time 20 mins
Cook Time 15 mins
Course Breakfast
Cuisine Indian
Servings 4 People


  • 2 cups Semolina(roasted or unroasted)
  • 1/2 cup Maida
  • As required Salt
  • As needed Milk to knead the dough
  • As needed Oil To deep fry


  • First powder semolina, Take powdered semolina in a vessel.
    Rava Poori | Semolina Poori – pachakam.com
  • Mix both powdered semolina, maida and salt well and knead (you need to knead it really well) into a soft dough using enough milk. You can use warm water as well.
    Rava Poori | Semolina Poori – pachakam.com
  • Pinch a portion of the dough and make it into a ball.
    Rava Poori | Semolina Poori – pachakam.com
  • Roll into small circular disc while dusting with the flour. 
    Rava Poori | Semolina Poori – pachakam.com
  • Deep fry both sides of rava poori in hot oil.
    Rava Poori | Semolina Poori – pachakam.com
  • Serve with any kind of accompaniment of your choice.
    Rava Poori | Semolina Poori – pachakam.com


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