Prawn Curry With Coconut

Prawn Curry With Coconut –

Prawn Curry With Coconut

Prawn(Chemmeen) curry with coconut masala
Prep Time 20 mins
Total Time 20 mins
Cuisine Kerala
Servings 4 people



  • Soak the tamarind pods in a teacup of hot water for 10 - 15 mins and extract the pulp.
  • Rinse the prawns and drain well.
  • Put the desiccated coconut in a bowl with 300 ml/0.5 pint of the water and leave for 10 mins.
  • Blend the desiccated coconut with the soaking liquid and strain to get a creamy milk. Set the leftover pulp on one side.
  • Place the creamy milk in a saucepan.
  • Add the creamed coconut, peas, curry leaves, green chilly, ginger, tomatoes and tamarind pulp.
  • Cover and allow to simmer for 10 - 15 mins.
  • Heat 1 x 5 ml spoon/1 tsp of the ghee or oil in a separate pan.
  • Gently fry the fenugreek seeds, coriander and red chillies, until the fenugreek turns light brown.
  • :- Do not let the mixture burn and darken.
  • Remove from the heat and allow to cool.
  • Blend this mixture with the reserved coconut pulp and the remaining water to make a fine paste.
  • Heat a further 1 x 15 ml/1 Tbsp of the ghee or oil.
  • Fry the prawns, until dry.
  • Add the blended paste and gently fry for 5 - 6 mins.
  • Transfer and stir this into the simmering coconut milk mixture.
  • Add salt.
  • Simmer, covered, for 15 - 20 mins.
  • Before serving, fry the onion in the remaining ghee or oil and spoon it over the prawn curry.
  • :- If preferred, remove the chilli halves.
  • :- Serve Prawn Curry with boiled rice.
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Response (3)
  1. v
    vijay & katherine February 19, 2004

    Lovely recipe very enjoyable if you like coconuts. Mild but at the same time does not lack in flavour. Rosy rocks! Thanks Rosy.

  2. s
    satya nair September 6, 2007

    Excellent recipe and great taste.. but takes a while to cook and lot of time in the kitchen.

  3. F
    Fred Rozario November 19, 2011

    Absolutely Delicious!!! I used 2 serrano green chillies and left the seeds in to make it hotter Rosy, you are awesome. Thank you.

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