Kallappam is a traditional favorite in God's Own Country. It is a tasty rice pancake that goes well with any curry side dish of your choice. Traditionally, Kallappam was prepared by fermenting the batter using toddy or 'kallu'. Nowadays since toddy is not commonly available, yeast is used for the fermentation process. You get equally good quality appams as in olden times. This is a popular breakfast dish that can be easily prepared at home. These rice dishes are rich in the goodness of rice. You can opt for vegetarian or non vegetarian side dishes. Appam with stew is the most popular and delicious among breakfast dishes. These appams are energy boosting and nutritious. They are cool and filling to your tummy. You can explore a well written and detailed recipe here.
Prep Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Cuisine Kerala
Servings 4 people



  • For preparing the traditional styled and delicious dish, first grind the grated coconuts and cumin seeds together to a coarse paste and mix with rice powder and sugar. Unroasted rice powder is preferred for preparing appam. If unroasted rice powder not available, you can go for roasted rice powder. Grated coconuts should not be ground to a fine paste. Otherwise the quality of appam should be at risk.
  • Add toddy. Buy toddy from good dealers. Even yeast can be substituted for fermentation needs. Use only quality yeast for fermentation.
  • Leave it to ferment for 4 hours. This is the minimum of hours required for fermentation.
  • Add the required salt and mix well.
  • Pour ladles of batter on a hot oiled griddle to make kallappams. This is an easy dish. Even newcomers and bachelors can give a bold try. Enjoy the appam dish with any curry dish of your choice.


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