Mutta Maala And Mutta Surka

Mutta Maala and Mutta Surka

Mutta Maala And Mutta Surka

Mutta Maala And Mutta Surka are very popular Malabar sweet delicacies prepared especially during festive occasions. Both the dishes have one similarity, they are prepared from eggs. Mutta Maala are prepared from egg yolks while Mutta Surka are prepared from egg whites. These dishes are very easy to prepare with limited ingredients. These nutritious dishes are one of the easiest to prepare. With the goodness of eggs, these dishes are very healthy, especially for kids who like sweet dishes. In Surka dish, egg whites are steamed into a pudding form while in Maala dish, the egg yolks are poured and cooked in sugar syrup. These dishes can be cooked and displayed in the form of garlands. You can explore well detailed recipes of both these dishes that can be easily prepared at home.
Prep Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Cuisine Kerala
Servings 3 people



  • For preparing the tasty dish, MUTTA SURKA, take egg whites, cardamom powder and sugar. Grind the mixture in a mixer.
  • Then using a rise cooker or pressure cooker or oven to cook it.
  • It will take only 15 minutes to get cooked.
  • When its cooked, transfer it to another plate, allow it to get cool.
  • Slice it according to your wish.
  • For preparing MUTTA MAALA, take the egg yolks and stir it well. Keep this aside.
  • Take a pan, pour water and sugar in it. Allow the sugar to get diluted.
  • Wait till sugar is diluted fully.
  • By using a jilebi maker or a cloth or a disposable glass (make a small hole in it), start pouring egg yolk into diluted sugar syrup which is on low flame but hot.
  • If the water level gets lower keep on adding water and sugar.
  • When its cooked, keep it out from water and place it on a plate.
  • Our delicious sweet dish is ready to serve, we can serve both by decorating it.
    Mutta Maala and Mutta Surka


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